We understand your business needs mainly thanks to:

  1. Our vast experience in JavaScript and business development. We know what makes applications successful and we use this knowledge not only to create them but we also advise our clients. Awareness of various branches and solutions also helps.
  2. The fact that we understand your customers’ needs. We are always up to date with researches about online behavior of people. Therefore, we are able to design optimal, user-friendly processes. We reject unnecessary elements so that customer do not reject your website.
  3. Precise and sensible analysis. Workshops and interviews let us get insights into your concept and your goals. We know what to ask to get the essence and we know what we should pay attention to in order to make analysis powerful.

Web development

We make your idea real

More and more people appreciate the fact that applications require only Internet access to work properly. And of course, a device to display content. What kind of device - this completely doesn’t matter - your application will look great, regardless of whether you run it on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Thanks to our skills in JavaScript we create hybrid applications with Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology that perfectly adapt to the screen resolution.

Individually designed applications are the best choice when ready solutions are not enough and you need something unique. In eCodile, we appreciate creative ideas and we like thinking outside the box.

We know that starting your own company is a very difficult challenge and we want to support you. We care about our clients and we like maintaining long-term relationships. We will be there if you need changes, updates or further development of your application.

Remember - we are here for you! Don’t hesitate and come to us even with the bravest ideas. We will do our best to make them real!

Custom web applications

Designing web applications is our everyday life. We know that not only the visible part is important, but also what is hidden from the ordinary user. Therefore, we strive to create not only visually attractive front-end, but also up and running, robust, and above all else, secure back-end.

Front-end is the part of web application on the client’s side, displayed in the web browser. In most cases, it is responsible for website’s presentation. This is why front-end can be regarded as the most important element from the marketing point of view. After all, it has contact with customers visiting the website. It is worth putting extra effort into development and testing because the application has to be fast and stable on user’s system and device. Developers in eCodile have rich experience in this field.

Backend in web applications is the part working on server’s side. This is where all necessary calculations, as well as saving and reading information using database, are executed. The user of the website has no direct access to it, but this part of the application is critical for proper system performance and security.

With our mastery of Javascript and using technologies such as Node.js, Angular.js, or React, we are able to combine both these worlds to the extent that is close to perfection, in the end giving you pleasing and functional application.

Mobile Development

Have you ever wondered how many users read your content using mobile devices? If so, in your free time, you can check our article about shopping using tablets and smartphones. If you don’t have time, long story short - much more than you think. Even if the laptop is within easy reach, it is very likely that the entry for your site will be made from a cell phone or a tablet.

In 2014 we reached a point where there are more people using mobile phones than computers to consume content on the Internet. What is more - 90% of the time on mobile is spent in applications. This is why applications are an inseparable element of a modern business. They allow us to be constantly in touch with our users. We can benefit from another communication channel between our company and our clients and exploit it for marketing aspects. Infinite ideas for using mobile applications and needs of current market give our experts a wide range of possibilities.


We care about good and intuitive User Experience and User Interface in a way that your customers will want to return to your store, and hence - your profits increase. We are aware that the UX and UI are not the same, which is why we make effort to ensure your application is not only eye-catching but is also intuitive for the user.

e-Commerce gives the possibility of customizing the communication with the client, implementing effective marketing strategy, and reach your target group. All of these are crucial for company’s sales and success.

We are aware of specific expectations of private and company customers. Our systems help adjust to them. We have also experience in working and integrating with many payment service providers, so we can help you select best solutions. No matter what is the core of your business, we will make your e-commerce and m-commerce (mobile commerce) application user-friendly, as well as efficient, fast and secure.

Custom software development

Custom software is an application tailored for the customer order. It is a service for more demanding clients where ready-made solutions are not fulfilling all requirements. When you have your own idea for a system it is good to make sure first whether the final product will be efficient and of high quality. The business concept should be combined with precise analysis and deep IT knowledge in fields like requirements analysis, system architecture, designing interfaces and User Experience.

In order to develop an application that meets all requirements of the customer, the development team needs to recognize and understand the business goal. This is why we approach each client individually.


Support, maintenance and further development

We will keep your application up to date

We not only create accessible and reliable applications from scratch, we also take care of the existing ones. It does not matter whether you want to add more functionalities to our work, or you come with the project from the previous company - we will help you improve it.

Consulting and software audit

We will improve your applications and your expertise

Sharing is caring, that’s why we use our knowledge of JavaScript to train and advise our clients, organize internal and external courses and write our blog. We can also verify the quality of code in your application and conduct an independent examination of the software.