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Here you can read various posts about both technological and business sides of web develepoment. Not only in general, but also and what's more important - about eCodile's way of doing it.
Minimum Viable Product and Why You Need It in a Startup
Startups are all about innovation. But how can you know whether the next innovative idea is the next big thing? An MVP just proves your point or doesn’t. Based on the results, the MVP lets your innovative business develop as is or quickly transform it in a cost-efficient way.
How Ideation Helps Us In App Development
Designing apps isn’t only about the cool technology. At eCodile, we obviously have to know the tools of our trade but first – we get creative! That’s when we use ideation in the process. Let’s see how it works for us and how it helps in developing a great product.
A Brief History of a Bug
In my daily work (and I suppose I'm not the only one), I never think about where the name for a bug comes from. These little and annoying creatures hiding in the darkest places of a developer's code, drive all of us really mad but they are also kinda fascinating and sometimes could be fun. Of course when they aren't critical bugs that appear one hour before a deadline. Anyway, I believe that, you can't understand present, until you'll learn about it's history, so let's take a closer look into an intriguing history of bugs.
Do not push until you test
As a developer you need to take care of something else after coding and before pushing a commit you did. You should know, every new functionality can produce some problems with dependent ones. Of course not always, but it is really common issue. So the first thing you must do, is to test precisely this functionality.
7 steps to faster website
The speed of the website plays an important role in the fast modern world. Accessing the pages through mobile phones also appreciates faster website. The user is also accustomed to ever-faster solutions and is ready to give up when waiting too long. It is worth to invest some time in writing a really powerful site, which can be opened by a customer in the blink of an eye. Here, we have gathered 7 steps that will help improve the performance of any website.
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