Web development

One of our main services is web development. Our goal is creation of comprehensive (from backend to frontend) professional web applications. We treat our customers as partners, so we are concerned about them and their clients’ satisfaction. This is why we focus on delivery of customized applications highly tailored to the needs of our customers. We offer not only development, but also our know-how right from the planning stage. Creating the best possible final product is important to us. In our projects we use newest trends and technologies, and we are aware that modern web sites and web applications have to run on every type of device, such as smartphone, tablet and desktop.


CMS is a shortcut for Content Management System. It is software used to manage our web site. It allows people without specialistic knowledge for adding, editing and deleting contents located at your web site. In our offer we are ready for creating web sites using OpenSource CMSs and adjusting them for our clients’ needs. eCodile company has also experience in developing custom systems for content management, in which more demanding customers will be interested in this service.
open source CMS - web development


Frontend - web development
Frontend, in the context of web applications, is the part of application on the client side, displayed in the web browser. In most cases it is responsible for web site presentation aspect. This is why frontend can be regarded as the most important element from marketing point of view. After all, frontend has contact with customers visiting the web site. It is worth putting extra effort on development and testing, because the application has to be fast and stable on user’s system and device. Developers in eCodile have rich experience in this field. If you are interested in our offer, please contact us.


Backend in web applications is the part of application working on server side.This is where all necessary calculations, as well as saving and reading information using database are executed. User or customer of the web site has no direct access to it, but this part of application is critical for proper system performance and security.
Servers are needed for backend - web development
If you are interested in any of such services you should contact us.