Mobile application

Nowadays everyone has at least one smartphone. As if that is not enough, number of phones and tablets is still rising and overtaking desktop computers from domestic use. It creates a wide range of possibilities for our customers. eCodile is a company which cares about its customers, and this is why we also offer mobile development. We deem that these applications are an inseparable element of modern business. Mobile applications allow us to be constantly in touch with our users. We can form another communication channel between our company and our clients or exploit it for marketing aspects. Due to infinite ideas for utilization of mobile applications and needs of current market, our experts would be pleased to help you define your requirements.

Hybrid mobile applications

Hybrid mobile applications seem to be no different from native applications, which we could find installed on our smartphones. Same as native ones, we can download them from Google Play or iTunes. However, the same hybrid application works on various platforms making it universal.

Hybrid applications are attempt to use web technologies in order to create mobile application for two different operating systems - Android and iOS. In practise we develop web application, which could be run natively on smartphone. This saves time thanks to reusage of the same code for varied platforms. To achieve such result we could use ready-made solutions such as phoneGap, Cordova or Ionic.

Man holding tablet - image symbolize hybrid mobile applications


Logo of Android - operating system for which we do mobile development

Android is an operating system created by Google. The target platforms are mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and recently also smartwatches as a special variant named Android Wear. It is the most popular operating system for handheld devices in the world. Its first release is dated for the end of 2008.


iOS is an operating system made for iPhone by the californian company Apple. Its official name was given in 2010, but it was in use much earlier, since 2008. Only mobile devices of Apple company, such as iPhones, iPods and iPads, has this system installed. It is the second most popular operating system for handheld devices in the world.

Logo of iOs - operating system for which we do mobile development

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