Custom software

Custom software is an application made especially for customer order. It is a service for more advanced clients where ready-made solutions are not satisfying all requirements. The process itself can be relatively complicated and long compared to other services. However the customer receives a product tailored to his needs. The trust plays here an important role. In order to develop an application meeting all requirements of the customer, development team needs to recognize and understand the problem. We approach each client individually. Our employees are waiting to hearing from you.

Web application

Our company specializes in web application development. Our main goal is delivery of high quality product. We develop web custom applications, because we believe that it helps reduce costs of maintenance in the future. Whole application is installed on central server and users access the content through web browser. There is no need to install anything on user's computers. Maintenance and development of software is limited to modernization of the server. After server update all workers will automatically work with the newest version. Isn’t it nice??

Our professional team creates web application using modern technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS,, Ionic and MongoDB.

Real-time Web Application

Our real time JavaScript web application are made by professional team.

This topic is relatively new. By the usage of technologies such as WebRTC or web socket, developers could create an application which works in real-time. In the past you had to refresh the whole web page in order to see updated content. Nowadays it is not necessary, because real-time applications always show recent information at the time of publication.
If you are interested in any of such services you should contact us.