About eCodile

eCodile is a software house creating customized applications for business clients. Our office is in Poznań (Poland). However we are targeting international customers considering that we can work remotely. We are specialized in web applications especially written in JavaScript. This allows us to also develop hybrid applications for mobile devices.

Why web and mobile application?

We believe that web and mobile applications are the future of custom application market. Their popularity has been growing. It has opened a lot of possibilitie for e-Commerce and custom software.

Custom software

Custom software
A few years ago, companies developed theirs own standalone application. This type of application usually has to be installed on your computer. It creates a lot of problems with compatibility e.g. when you want to update your computer or between different operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). The biggest advantage of custom web application over standalone ones, is that, you will only need a device with connection to the network and a web browser. This creates a perfect opportunity for our clients. You do not need to install anything on your on your computer, because the whole application is on your server. In that situation maintenance and developing new features is easier and cheaper. Let us help you achieve your goals by developing customized software for you.

e-Commerce software

The web and mobile applications are favorable choice for e-Commerce. Everyone has access to the Internet on their smartphone or computer. In order to arise in the Internet you need a modern web site. This creates new opportunities for our clients. We could help your buissnes by developing customized software for you. It will be tailored to your requirements and satify your customers expectations.